refinneJ (burningtears89) wrote in emofkinhotness,


i have found computers to be evil at this point in my life.
i am trying very hard to only use it when needed.
i don't really use aim anymore and i figured out that not haveing a computer(while it was being fixed) was actually very comforting and relaxing.
my point...
i am going to be be a part of this community if you will let me.
i will come to this community and check and comment and post when i have pictures to share. but it will not be as frequent as it used to be.
i have decided to slowly step away from the cable chains that hold most teenagers to electronics and live and try and learn about things that i have wanted to know.and have fun in this part of my life.
i think you guys are very rad and i do still want to be a part of thsi community so i really hope that you all will allow me to stay.
and sorry for any and all grammtical and spelling errors. but i really don't care.

PLEASE forgive. this is and all text post. new hard drive = no pictures to share.
but my next post will be a picture post and hopefully will be with in a week.
much love

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