refinneJ (burningtears89) wrote in emofkinhotness,


i went to a frineds house lastnight and stayed the night.
we had fun
thought i'd share a bit.

this is before i left.

then i left and we did our hair and makeup.

i don't knwo if i liek this picture yet...

thsi ones just liek the one above...odd

then...i got bored and used a blowdryer and hairspray........

after liek 10 minutes i got sick of it so i washed it out...but dude! it was SOOO worth it hahaha

Chris..amandas boyfriend he lives there hes so rad!

Two of my most favorite people in the world

Blurry action!

and then me on my way home this morning.

she has more on her camera so when i get them i will post yet again.
peace out
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