refinneJ (burningtears89) wrote in emofkinhotness,


ohh i feel so cool right now
actually. no i don't
(i'm hyper)
peace out pals
Sorry its so short!
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OOOOOOOOOOOOO your eyeshadows all... purple ^__^ !! hehe
i love your eye makeup!

what do you use?
i am going to be specific being that you asked...
my eye"shadow" consists of more than you would think.
you have to start out with a base to make the glitter stay and light colored lipstick will work but i use "glow bronze" by clinique
then you apply the glitter dab by dab
i use Jerome Russell glitter (all of my glitters are Jerome Russell)
you can get the four basic colors at this website > ( it under one of the hair dyes you look and you'll find it. if its not the same name...its same kinda thing. i use the two diffrent kind of colors ( its actually pink and turquiose) and then i use maybelline waterproof liquid eyeline (top adn bottom) and clinique mascara
and i wasn't wearing any compact that day but i use mac compact and alot of mac eyeshadows. ( so yeah i come up with lots of fun eye things to i guess i'll start posting some??
well alright i think my job here is done.

thank you so much! it looks awesome